Nail Art Idea : Be Beautiful with Fur Nail Polish

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Nail Art Ideas – For most women, nail polish be a mandatory part when will creating a charming appearance. Commonly, nail decoration relies on with a variety of plain hues. Then what if there are more unique and tantalize, with the fur.

Last year, if I’m not mistaken, a company of nail polish _Nails Inc_ have presented a nail polish caviar, and concrete. Caviar for example, when applied to nails, nail polish will generate granules of berry. Well, still with the same company, nothing out of ideas, they re-presented fur nail polish, as newer breakthrough for 2013 trends. Some ideas are combined in pastel colors, of course to dish up a fur view on the nails.

Blue Nail Polish in Fur Effect from Nails Inc

This nail polish ideas comes with several color combinations, like chester: an assimilation of pale blue, yellow, and peach, and then edinburg: a blend of blue and peach, as well as cornwall: a blend of blue and white, and york: a blend of peach and white.

Picture Gallery of the Nail Art Idea : Be Beautiful with Fur Nail Polish

Pretty Nail Art Ideas with Fur Nails in Bright Color OptionsNail Polish Ideas-Feather NailNail Art Ideas-Fur Nail Effect Nail Polish In Pink Rossy from Nails IncNail Art Idea-Fur Nail Effect with Various Color CombinationsFun Nail Polish Ideas-Feather Effect from Nails IncCreative Nail Polish Ideas-Graceful Fur Nail from Nails IncBlue Nail Polish in Fur Effect from Nails Inc

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